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Paint, Plaster & Refinishing

It is amazing what new or repaired plaster and a fresh color scheme can do for the interior of a church. Whatever ambience is preferred, whether it is sedate or joyous, traditional or modern, or anything in between, the proper choice of colors can create that mood. We are experts at selecting colors that bring out the architectural features of the church as well as the personality of the congregation.

We also refurbish existing or create original artwork such as mosaics, murals, decorative moldwork, statuary, tracery, etching, and other decorative elements and faux finishes. We can design, create, provide, and install works of art in most media, each one suited specifically to your requirements.

On behalf of the Trustees of the Beaver United Methodist Church I want you to know how pleased we are with the restoration and painting Ringler Restoration completed in our sanctuary. An often heard comment is “I had no idea we had such beautiful features in our church. I never noticed them before”. The paint selection really does bring out the beauty of the architecture…Thank you for a job well done.

— Nicky McLaughlin Beaver United Methodist Church

When you decorate your home, your choices reflect your personality as well as the function of your space. In the same way, the appearance of the church when a person steps into the space speaks volumes about the church’s ministry and its priorities. Properly prepared surfaces and architectural features done by qualified craftsmen can be given new life by introducing professionally coordinated paint combinations along with expertly applied custom paint and glaze effects including graining, marbleizing, stippling, flogging, and more.

If you know that it is time to freshen up the interior and would like some help making decisions about paint colors and finishes, we are here to help. Through our years of experience we can help you make those choices. Sometimes we notice unique features about your space that you have overlooked because you are so accustomed to seeing them over the years. Our painters are highly skilled and efficient. We set up our own scaffold when needed and can complete a small or an extensive painting job within your time schedule and budget. Decorative painting effects and artwork are two specialties that set us apart. (See Photo Gallery.)