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Exterior Restoration

In order to maintain and preserve the beauty and function of any building an important first step is to “secure the envelope” by keeping the roof system, masonry or other exterior wall surfaces, chimneys, towers, steeples, domes, sidewalks and parking lots, windows, and trim in good condition. Ringler Restoration has the expertise to meet these needs for you at a reasonable cost.

Throughout my thirty years in the ministry I have had experience with many contractors doing church renovation. Ringler Restoration and its president, Mr. John Athey, have presented themselves as the leading contractors in restoration and renovation. Their attention to minute details, the professionalism of their employees, the quality of material and workmanship far surpasses any I have seen in the past thirty years. I recommend them to all desiring their services

— Rev. Edwin E. McElroy, Former Pastor First United Methodist, Emporium, PA (Exterior Restoration Project)

We cannot overemphasize the importance of regular maintenance of the exterior of a building, particularly a church. Maintenance and restoration of the building’s exterior is so important to projecting a viable, healthy, and attractive image to the community. When bricks or mortar start to fail, gutters and downspouts start to leak, the shingles or slate on the roof come to the end of their life expectancy, and windows aren’t keeping out the cold, the cost of operating the building escalates and the exterior surfaces continue to decline. The sooner these items are given attention the better, both in terms of longevity of the building and expense. Exterior problems inevitably lead to interior damage, which can eventually become unsightly and costly to repair. Call us at the first sign of a problem in any of these areas. We will inspect the exterior of the building and give you a free estimate of repair or replacement costs.