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In many older churches the woodwork and furniture has become dull or darkened with time. Or, due to several renovations over a period of years, there is no continuity of species or color in the wood in the worship space Ringler can restore or refurbish your existing woodwork to give it a “like new” look and finish. We refinish pews and other furnishings, and we also build new custom-designed furnishings for your space.

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we were with the work done by Ringler Restoration. The transformation was phenomenal. We had no idea that the architecture of our sanctuary was so impressive. Even now, six months after completion, we still get the 'wow' factor! The crew was outstanding and highly professional… Ringler Restoration was also mindful of the bottom line, giving us the best deal for our bucks. This is the second major project we have done together. We will without hesitation call them again when the need arises

— Pastor Gary Atkinson First United Methodist Church, Emporium PA (Interior Restoration Project)

Many churches today find that they need more worship space, particularly if they are adding more uses, forms of worship, or other programs, or if they need ADA accessibility to their platforms. Some churches want the flexibility of having space for larger choirs or community groups to perform music and drama. That may mean moving platform furnishings into a different configuration and/or making all of them portable or removable while at the same time still appearing to be permanently affixed. Let us help you redesign your space to meet your ministry needs. Architecturally authentic and uniquely useful designs add significant function and value while enriching the overall appearance and impression of the space.